Financial Advice

At Kenwell, our financial advice will ensure your finances are not neglected but given the opportunity to grow.

Our team of independent financial experts works collaboratively with our clients to set tailored goals aligned to all areas of your life.  As we age, life gets more complex. We find ourselves planning for a variety of key events: purchasing a home, children’s school fees, choosing elder care or a possible career change. Additional complexities out of our control include economic climate change or even a global pandemic.

Good financial advice has become more important than ever. It can be overwhelming to try and make sense of trends and well-meaning advice from colleagues, friends, family and online experts. Think of us at Kenwell as your trusted advisor, professional friend and financial bodyguard.

We can assist you with:

  • Insights into your past financial behaviour
  • Creating a comprehensive plan that ensures you stay on track to meet your goals
  • Building your wealth through savings behaviour and increased financial knowledge
  • Monitoring and updating savings strategy to prepare for a comfortable retirement
  • Ensuring investments are diversified to avoid risk
  • Limiting financial impact from unexpected future events such as job loss
  • Avoiding emotional investments, especially during times of market volatility

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