Generational Planning

Create your legacy,
and pass the baton.

Generational Planning is a newer component to financial planning. It advocates taking into consideration your wider family, sometimes multiple generations – even those who haven’t been born yet.

The aim is to preserve your wealth and legacies for decades to come, to give it a better chance of lasting well beyond the next two generations.

Generational Planning means passing your assets to those you’ll never meet. Build your own table so your children, and their children, won’t have to ask a stranger for a spot at their’s.

Successful Generational Planning ensures your goals and wishes are clearly communicated to those closest to you. After all, they will be seeing through your plan long after you’ve gone.

At Kenwell, we’ll work closely with you to help you clarify your goals, develop a plan, communicate this plan and educate your beneficiaries. We’ll also advise you on the technical and legal aspects you need to consider – with the aim of tailoring the right system to successfully transfer your wealth for generations to come.

We specialise in independent, professional advice with a focus on advising international clients and their families in the UK, Switzerland and Australia.

Think of us as your trusted advisor, professional friend and financial bodyguard all at once.

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