Investment Advice

Peace of mind for you,
business as usual for us.

Whether its first-time investors or seasoned veterans, our aim is to ensure your investment portfolio is designed especially for you, and works hard to deliver to you.

Your priorities are as individual as you are. You’re at different stages in your earning life, your appetites for risk vary. 

Independent investment advice is so much more than just looking after an individual’s money. It’s about guiding you in the right direction to make the most informed decisions as your personal goals and circumstances change.

Every stage of your life presents new priorities, updated personal goals, evolving lifestyle and business needs, and different financial sources.

Kenwell was founded in the UK, Switzerland and Australia, with the simple aim of helping people achieve Financial Wellbeing, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.

Our experienced, multidisciplinary team of financial advisors takes into account short, medium and long-term investments and importantly, the most tax-efficient ways to invest on your behalf.

While there’s specialisation in different client areas such as professional sportspeople, small business owners, entrepreneurs, global citizens, we’re all focused on putting each of our clients first and honing in on their individual needs.

Our experienced financial advisors will act as your stepping stone through the staggering array of investment possibilities available today. From financial gatekeeping to client education and wealth acceleration, Kenwell’s elite team of trusted advisors has the experience, expertise and ability to ensure no stone is unturned in the management of your finances. 

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