Managed Portfolios

Your investment portfolio is in safe hands with Kenwell and Square Mile.

We are partnering with Square Mile, a leading investment research and fund ratings firm, which specialises in discovering the investment funds suitable for different types of investors, which deliver the best value, and with the goal of providing the best opportunities for improving your financial outcomes.

Square Mile are not financial advisors, nor do they work with individual or private investors. They work directly for Kenwell and their services are designed to assist financial advisors with helping their clients invest their money wisely. There are more than 3000 funds available in the UK and only a small percentage pass through Square Mile’s rigorous research and selection process.

No matter your financial plan, Kenwell and Square Mile will take the time to understand your goals and the type of journey you are comfortable with taking to achieve them.

Constructing your investment portfolio is determined by your appetite for risk; if you are cautious investor, for example, an adventurous portfolio with many ups and downs might make for an uncomfortable journey.

In your investment portfolio, there are three key things Kenwell and Square Mile consider:

  • Which markets to invest in
  • What type of assets should be included
  • Which funds to buy

They assist us in building investment solutions for you that meet these needs and provide an on-going service that is truly valued by you.

Investors today can access any global investment market, from developed economies such as the US, the UK and Germany, to emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China. Each provides different opportunities and risk, including the additional exposure of exchanging sterling for many different currencies.

Choosing what type of assets to include is equally important. Do you want to invest in gilts (government bonds), corporate bonds, equities (shares in companies), commercial property, cash or another type of asset?

It’s your money, you want to secure your future and grow your wealth. So do we at Kenwell.

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