Second Opinion Service

What they don’t know, can sometimes hurt them. Kenwell is a risk-free way of getting a second set of eyes over your financial direction, portfolio or investments.

Unsure if your current financial advisor understands your goals and if your investments are leading you to the life you want to live? Perhaps you have considered looking after your own financial portfolio and need an independent, third party’s assessment?

A Second Opinion Service is a valuable way to review and evaluate your current financial situation, provide the clarity you have been seeking and answer some of your most pressing questions.

You might have a longstanding relationship with your financial advisor; this familiarity can feel safe and trusting but are you routinely taking too little or too much risk?

Do you question the amount of fees or commissions you are paying? Do you worry your portfolio carries enough diversification?

Kenwell’s Second Opinion Service is especially beneficial if you are managing your investments, have the same, long-term advisor or are engaging a financial advisor for the first time.

With our extensive expertise in the UK, strong research capabilities and independent financial tools, our Second Opinion Service scientifically analyses your existing investments to ensure they are tailored to you and your goals across all aspects of life.

Put our team to the test and get our experts to review your existing plans today.

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