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Kenwell works extensively with elite athletes offering a highly personalised approach to helping them with their financial dreams. The entire Kenwell team possess a well-rounded understanding of how professional athletes tick, what drives them and the various needs and wants when it comes to sport financial servicing.

From financial gatekeeping to client education and wealth acceleration, Kenwell’s elite sports team has the experience and technical ability to ensure no stone is unturned in the management of their finances, both for work and life outside of sports.

We are committed to taking care of the heavy lifting off the field providing our clients with peace of mind on the field.


International Investors (Expats)

Kenwell clearly understands the practical challenges faced by international investors. Protecting your wealth, minimising tax liabilities and understanding multiple jurisdictions are generally areas that most planners leave up to you to work out.

Our senior advisers have experienced these issues firsthand, and realise the importance of planning to preserve and grow your wealth to support your goals for your family. Many of our clients are portfolio entrepreneurs and digital nomads who see themselves as citizens of the world, not beholden to one country.

Our Kenwell GAME Plan process is the perfect framework to plan for the person you are, not just the money you have. By focussing on your goals we can decide the best structures and where to invest your capital.


Entrepreneurs & SME Business Owners

At Kenwell, entrepreneurship is in our blood. Our suite of advisers and the broader team have all experienced starting and running a business, providing a unique insight into the world of business ownership.

It is our commitment to align with the best interests of our clients and share their entrepreneurial spirit by being there every step of the way. We partner with a wide range of business owners and their families to provide investment expertise, long-term perspective and fostering multi-generational relationships to preserve and grow their wealth.

From succession planning to business acquisitions and future opportunities, we have created the trademark Kenwell GAME Plan specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners on their individual journey.


Executives and Senior Management

The Kenwell team holds the experience and expertise to assist executives and senior management to take control of their life and finances, laying the perfect foundation to best prepare for the future.

We understand many executives are pressed for time, so place your trust in our professional advisers to remove the burden of financial planning.

We work collaboratively with clients to set tailored goals in every area of their life and map out the best approach for them financially by providing income tax strategies, wealth and investment management and family financial advice.

Our comprehensive financial advice will ensure your finances are not neglected but instead given the opportunity to grow.

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