Succession Planning

Succession plans are best kept alive and constantly reviewed.

At Kenwell, entrepreneurship is in our blood. Many of our team members have personal experience starting up and running a business and this insider knowledge is valuable to our clients.

We understand the start-up and growth phases of new companies can be all absorbing.

Achieving a level of financial stability and even sustainability is often the highest priority and thinking about the future beyond a five-year plan is usually given a backseat. 

Succession Planning for you and your business may not even be on your radar. You’re not alone; few business owners appreciate how important succession planning is to their overall business’ health.

Succession Planning gives business owners a clear line of sight as to how they will reduce their involvement down the track. You might be expecting to bring in younger family members or are already looking towards a new acquisition and want an exit strategy. Succession Planning is not just part of your future retirement plans. 

Just as with your Financial and Life Planning choices, your Succession Planning should be entirely personalised to you and your business circumstances.

At Kenwell, we have experience working successfully with a wide range of business owners and their families, sharing their entrepreneurial aspirations and being by their side every step of the way. We specialise in providing investment advice, a long-term perspective and fostering multi-generational relationships to preserve and grow your wealth.

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